Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP)

THMP is an online digital geographic data resource for hazard analysis in Texas.

This site is organized so that users can quickly assess their potential exposure to natural hazards by viewing summary maps depicting the historical frequency of those hazards by county in Texas. Users will quickly get a sense of their relative risk for these hazards.

When a specific hazard has been determined a potential threat, the user may wish to dig deeper by viewing detailed hazard maps and base map information to see the hazard in it's real-world context.

Users who wish to quantify their risk to assist in hazard mitigation planning (scenario generation and loss estimation) may do so by downloading data into their own mapping/GIS systems where they can determine specific local impacts using this data and other accessible local data.

For more information about the Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP), please see Project Description in the About THMP section

If you are new to the Site, it is recommended that you begin with the Quick Start Tutorial in the User Resources section

If you are already familiar with the Site, you may choose to go directly to the Data Layers section or Map Viewer section

If you are a THMP User and have used THMP in your mitigation plans, we would very much appreciate you sharing how you applied the maps & data in your plan. Please contact us at contactTXGS@texasgs.org or call 512-912-9695. Thank you.