Data Layers

Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP)

Data Layers on the THMP Site are in GIS Shapefile (.shp) format.

By accessing these data layers, you may map it on this Site’s ArcIMS Map Viewers, download the data layers (with metadata) to your local computer/GIS, connect directly via your GIS, review the metadata or link to the original source of the data layer.

These data layers were compiled from a variety of best available external sources and are updated periodically. You may also choose to go directly to these sources and compile your own data sets or acquire data from local level sources to overlay with THMP data layers for more detailed analysis.

The data layers are sectioned as Hazard Data (2 types) or Base Maps

1. Hazard Data

Includes: Hurricanes, Coastal Erosion, Tornadoes, Floods, Other Storms, Outdoor Fires, Drought, Extreme Temperatures

Non Weather-related
Includes: Earthquakes, Hazardous Materials, Subsidence


2. Vulnerability Data

Includes: Exposure (Population and Property Value), Hazard Risk Zones (from Hazard Data above), and the combination -- Vulnerability of exposure to specific hazard risk zones


3. Base Maps
Includes: Administrative Boundaries, Transportation, Hydrography, Landscape, Population, etc.

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