Vulnerability Key

Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP)

Users may access the Vulnerability Pages by clicking on a category below


A. Exposure

1. Population

2. Property Value


B. Vulnerability

3. Vulnerability to Hurricanes

4. Vulnerability to Tornadoes

5. Vulnerability to Floods

6. Vulnerability to Earthquakes

7. Vulnerability to Subsidence

Each data layer provides the following information:


Data layer:
Name that appears on Map Viewer
General description of Data Layer

How data is displayed (mapped) and hyperlink to Map Viewer

Note: Users may alternate between Map Viewer and Hazard pages/Base Map pages using the navigation menu

Use Notes:
How the data may help identify or quantify hazard risk
Hyperlink to Metadata (data about data)
Hyperlink to Zip file for downloading
...Download Utility for more advanced options
Hyperlinks to the source (developer) of the Data Layer and access tips